Built Technologies raises capital to tackle construction lending

Sohr-backed DataFi mulls further Seed capital for fintech platform:. The company continues to raise Seed capital, as but one example, community banks wanted to extend their geographic reach for construction lending, technology could then help support their oversight of distant projects.

Built Technologies is an IT company specializing in mobile application development services. Its collaboration software brings the draw management process online and helps reduce construction loan risk and increases loan profitability, transforms the borrower experience, and simplifies compliance.

How a Nashville tech company attracted Silicon Valley’s attention without trying. It took nine months for San Francisco-based investor Mark Goldberg to convince Built President Chase Gilbert to let his venture capital firm invest in the fintech company, which aims to ease the construction-loan process.

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Construction Finance Solution Company Built technologies raises million Photo Credit: Built Technologies Built Technologies, a Nashville, Tennessee-based construction lending software company, announced it has raised million in Series B funding led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners.

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Built Technologies is a Nashville-based FinTech company bringing construction lending into the digital age. By digitizing the collateral monitoring and draw process associated with servicing construction loans, Built helps lenders reduce risk, increase profitability and.

Built construction lending technology company raises $21 million. Built, led by ceo chase gilbert , was created in 2014 to streamline the process of financing housing and commercial construction. Goldman Sachs plans to help Built Technologies by streamlining its current loan process in place.

What’s the role of technology in helping make that happen? Technology can help tackle the most pressing global challenges. They live with their two children in a single-room home that they built.

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